Katarzyna Bryczek

Katarzyna Bryczek

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

I can help you in the following matters:

  • Social anxiety

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Coping with emotions

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Professional Note

Psychologist, psychotherapist in the course of the four-year School of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy organised by the SWPS University, certificate number: 1062.

Member of the Polish Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.


  • Traineeship at the Psychiatric Day Care Ward at the Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg
  • Internship in the DDA Psychotherapy Centre in Cracow
  • Internship in the Dr Józef Babiński Clinical Hospital in Cracow
  • Psychotherapist at the Centre of Good Therapy in Cracow
  • Psychotherapist at CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Clinic in Cracow
  • Psychotherapist with private practice


  • MA in Psychology (2016)
  • School of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy at SWPS University (2017-2021)


  • Individual psychotherapy for adults
  • Crisis intervention
  • Social anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Excessive anxiety and fear
  • Coping with emotions, stress, trauma
  • Difficulties in relationships with others

The modern world confronts us with numerous challenges that are sometimes difficult to cope with alone.

However, we are able to assist you by reaching out to you so that you can live a life which makes sense to you.


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