Katarzyna Romanowicz

Katarzyna Romanowicz

Psychologist, Trainer, Coach,


I will help you in the following areas:

  • Life and career changes and related crises

  • Difficulties in cooperation and communication, especially in a professional environment

  • Sense of mismatch, feeling “different”

  • Relocation and cultural adaptation difficulties

  • Stress and emotions regulation

Professional Note

I am a psychologist and business trainer with many years of experience in conducting trainings and workshops, primarily for international organizations. In my work I help people to get along with each other and normalize difficult social situations.

I spent several years abroad, so I am very familiar with personal difficulties related to relocation and adaptation to another culture. I have particularly extensive experience in working with individuals and teams in the IT industry.

As a psychologist and coach, I provide individual support to those who feel uncomfortable in dealing with others, especially in a professional environment. I help develop social and communication skills, as well as regulate stress and emotions. I work therapeutically using my constantly developed psychotherapeutic skills, also in psychodrama. I conduct sessions in Polish, English and French.


  • Support in change and crisis
  • Sense of mismatch
  • Intercultural adaptation and cooperation
  • Social skills


  • Social skills trainer – since 2005
  • Psychologist and coach – since 2008


  • MSc in Psychology, Iagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (2001)
  • Participant of Psychotherapy Training (Department of Psychotherapy, Jagiellonian University Medical College) – since 2021
  • Participant of Psychodrama Training (Polish Institute of Psychodrama) – since 2021
  • Facilitator – Pathways Polska Facilitation Course (2017)
  • Psychodynamic Coach (Halina Brunning Coaching School, 2014)
  • Coaching School „Art and Science of Coaching” (Erickson College International, 2009)
  • Trainers’ School of Silesian Foundation “Gniazdo” 2007-2009
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