Paulina Sasińska

Paulina Sasińska


I will help you in the following areas:

  • Work on self-esteem and build a close relationship with yourself

  • Working on relations with others, overcoming relationship problems

  • Life changes and related difficulties

  • Regulation of emotions

  • Work on improving our relationship with your own body

Profesional Note

I am a psychologist during postgraduate studies in clinical sexology. In my work, I help people who experience difficulties in relationships with others and themselves, struggling with complexes, problems with assertiveness and low self-esteem.

I help in learning the correct regulation of emotions and support people during life changes.

I also work I areas related to sexual life and health as well as sexual education. I support representatives of the LGBTQ+ community. I also provide support in situations of pregnancy loss or infertility problems.

Obszary specjalizacji

  • Support in sexological problems
  • Support in problems related to procreation: after miscarriage, in problems with fertility


  • Master’s degree in psychology at the University SWPS in Warsaw
  • Postgraduate studies in Clinical Sexology at the Medical University of Warsaw
  • Participant of trainings as part of the volunteer program “Zaloguj i pomagaj”
  • Master’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science at the Medical University of Warsaw
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