Take care of your employees’ mental health

Take care of your employees’ mental health

Mental Health Helpline supports employees with their mental health through individual diagnosis, consultation and psychotherapy. This is a benefit for specific people, as well as for the organisation as a whole.


„We are not virtual…

We provide a safe and professional place for psychological support in a virtual space. Through a secure, dedicated application, your employees have access to professional psychological care provided by a team of qualified and experienced Mental Health Helpline experts.

… yet offer virtual care”

Mental Health Helpline umożliwia spotkanie pracowników organizacji z psychologami, psychoterapeutami i interwentami, aby pomóc w rozwiązaniu sytuacji kryzysowych – od codziennych niedogodności do złożonych globalnych tragedii.

Secure platform for on-line psychological consultation

Certified by the highest standards of network security, this technology enables professional psychological assistance – from information support through consultation and intervention to on-line psychotherapeutic processes.

A team of certified experts

A team of mental health professionals: psychologists, psychotherapists and interveners are at their disposal, taking personal responsibility for the process – from diagnosis, through support, to the development of the best solutions.

Support focused on quick help tailored to the needs of the employee

An employee chooses the specialist for themselves. We guarantee confidentiality and anonymity.


Why is it important to take care of your mental health?

According to the WHO, 40% of people will experience a mental crisis once in their lifetime.

Assuming during this time that someone is taking care of someone in crisis, the next 40% of the population is taking care of someone suffering from depression or other mental crises. The environment at work, in the country, and in the world is also affected by this crisis.


When is it worth using a helpline?

If you find that your employee experiences significant stress, you may suggest consulting a licensed mental health professional, psychologist, or coach. Psychologists have special training that can help you and your subordinate.

Areas in which we provide support

  • Mechanisms of stress management

  • Reduction of work efficiency
  • Bereavement, loss
  • Anxiety, compulsive, depressive states

  • Parental consultation

  • Trouble in relationships with partners or children

  • Addiction

  • Work-life balance

  • Career changes and work-related problems

  • Coping with global threats

Effectiveness of on-line psychological support

Focused on diagnosis and support, online consultations provide solutions for most of the areas mentioned.

In the case where more intensive or long-term treatment is indicated, our specialists fully assess the issues and direct staff to the most appropriate resources based on their individual needs or concerns.

These resources may involve medical, mental health, pharmacotherapy or affordable or free community organisations and self-help groups.

Find out how we can help your employees

If you would like more details, please leave us your details – we will contact you to discuss possible forms of cooperation.

*We do not send junk mail – the data you provide will be used only to discuss cooperation.


What makes us different?

Below is a shortened list of important advantages of Mental Health Helpline over the competition.

Choosing a specific specialist

Not an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone and not one person covering the whole company.

Short waiting times

We guarantee support in max 48/72h – usually appointments are available the same day.

Consultation time is 45 – 50 minutes.

This is how long a fully-fledged and full-time session lasts.

Possibility of continuing support individually

Once you have used your employer-paid consultation, you can continue with your appointments without waiting in a queue for an available appointment.

A systemic solution

The platform is available 24 hours a day. Everyone books an appointment by themselves.

Cooperation/support does not involve HR/Administration departments

The company does not give us any data and does not need to collect any statements from employees, unlike in the case of insurance / medical packages.

Possibility to limit consultations per employee

We can introduce different limits depending on employee groups.

Quantitative and qualitative reports for the organisation

In complete anonymity

Billing for actual hours used

We do not have a subscription for 10/40/100 hours per month, but simply a package of hours to be used at any time.


Systemic and integrated support with Mental Health Center


  • Installation and development of support lines in the organisation

  • Liaising with Management and HR department


  • Selection of experts

  • Mental health counselling

  • Anti-crisis counselling


  • Training

  • Knowledge pills

  • Webinars


  • Illness

  • Death

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Behavioural disorders

  • Conflicts


  • Emotional support

  • Information support

  • Development of an action plan


  • Diagnosis

  • Clinical support

  • Therapeutic goals

  • Psychotherapy process


Our Partners

Meet some of the organisations that have put their trust in us and support their employees


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about our services.

Do you run training courses and workshops?2021-09-28T21:24:17+02:00

The friendly Mental Health Center provides mental health education. Read more: http://mhcenter.pl/oferta/. For our part, we offer full support for company employees.

Will we as an organisation receive a report on the consultation carried out?2021-09-28T21:23:58+02:00

Yes. We provide quantitative reports (number of consultations in a given period, number of people consulted) and qualitative reports (e.g. most frequent topics, above a certain number of consultations) on the whole organisation. We do not disclose personal information about employees.

Is it possible to get a discount when buying a larger package of psychological consultation hours?2021-09-28T21:23:47+02:00

We calculate the offer considering several factors: the number of employees in the organisation, the scope of care, the duration of the contract, supporting the Helpline with training provided by the Mental Health Centre.

What is the minimum number of hours a company can buy in a package for its employees?2021-09-28T21:23:40+02:00

5 sessions per worker – this provides comfort in both crisis diagnosis and intervention support.

How many employees at a minimum should an organisation wishing to use Mental Health Helpline services have?2021-09-28T21:23:34+02:00

We have no minimum or maximum limits. However, for organisations with less than 100 people, we only provide quantitative reports to protect patient data.

Is it possible to sign a contract to provide psychological consultations?2021-09-28T21:23:27+02:00


Is it possible to arrange an online or offline meeting to present the services/demo of the Mental Health Helpline platform?2021-09-28T21:23:17+02:00

Of course. To do so, please leave your details in the contact form on our website.

Find out how we can help your employees

If you would like more details, please leave us your details – we will contact you to discuss possible forms of cooperation.

*We do not send junk mail – the data you provide will be used only to discuss cooperation.


We care about stability and credibility

We are committed to supporting mental health in organizations. We are experts in our fields. We take responsibility. We are friends.

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We live in a period of acute care crisis. The helpline was created to care for our patients, often against economic and political pressure to „work and not cause problems.”


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