Justyna Bąba

Justyna Bąba

Psychologist, coach, psychotherapist

E-mail: justyna.baba@mhhelpline.com
Office: Warsaw
Consultation language:
Polish and English

I will help you in the following areas:

  • Life crises, crises at work

  • Occupational burnout

  • Regulation of emotions

  • Managing stress

Professional Note

Psychologist, coach, psychotherapist. Currently in training for a certificate as an individual and group therapist in the psychodynamic approach, accredited by the Polish Psychological Association and Psychiatric Association.

She graduated in clinical and health psychology at SWPS University in Warsaw, where she works as a researcher. She analyses social and personality factors that influence well-being and engagement at work. In her therapeutic work, she integrates contemporary scientific findings on personality development, neurobiology of the brain and effectiveness of particular therapeutic methods.

The key values for her are respect, empathy and curiosity about the other person. She regularly undergoes supervision of her therapeutic work. Moreover, she has 15 years of experience in business as a manager and expert. For years, she has also been conducting coaching, mentoring and workshops supporting professional development, coping with stress and burnout. She works with adults.


  • Life crises, crises at work
  • Stress, regulation of emotions, burnout
  • Lowered mood, self-esteem, lack of motivation
  • Struggles of Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Perfectionism
  • Search for greater balance in life


  • For 15 years a manager and expert in organisations including multinational corporations.
  • Coach and mentor at, among others, EY Businesswomen’s Leadership Foundation (Ernst&Young)
  • Researcher and lecturer at SWPS University
  • She has gained clinical and therapeutic experience in, among others: Institute of Health Psychology of the Polish Psychological Association (2017), Counseling Centre of the Laboratory of Psychoeducation (2018), Psychomedic Clinic (2020), Day Psychiatric Ward of Wolski Hospital in Warsaw (2021-)
  • She conducts her own workshops on coping with stress, crisis situations and burnout for company employees, trainer at Mental Health Center

Key competences

  • Psychological counselling and psychotherapy
  • Running support and development groups
  • Workshops, lectures
  • Coaching, mentoring for business
  • Research and scientific analysis


  • MA Clinical and Health Psychology, SWPS University in Warsaw
  • Doctoral School of the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University
  • School of Professional Coaching of the Institute of Psychoeducation in Cracow
  • Coaching School for Organisations
  • School of Business Mentors European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Mentor Foundation
  • Institute of Group Analysis “Rasztów”, training for certification as individual and group psychotherapist (ongoing)

I believe that there is no therapy without empathy – therefore I try my best to understand the experiences and personal perspective of everyone I talk to, without any judgements.


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